4 Dark Wall Paint Color Ideas for your House

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A fresh coat of paint resolves several issues. Deciding on when to replenish your walls and home with paint colors depends on time, fading paints, flaking, damage through seepage, usual stain and scuff marks, or a change in trend for home interior paint colors. It is usually recommended to paint the house every 5-7 years. However, paint color for house walls is a personal choice and may differ due to the budget and lack of design sensibility.

Choosing the best paints for your interior when building a new house or renovating an old one is crucial. The choice is affected by the correct tonal value, emotions/mood, color scheme of your interiors, colors in the art, architecture of the space, natural light, etc. Dark colors always account for good interior paint color ideas to add texture and drama to walls.

Dark paint colors can bring out excellent results in your interior. You only need to get a little creative when picking your paints. We have often heard to go for light colors as home interior paint colors as they make the room look spacious; however, with light colors, the entire focus of the room segregates to the decor pieces and the furniture placed in the room. A wall in dark color helps create a focal point that binds the room’s aesthetics and grabs instant attention. Apart from giving a luxurious and rich appeal, it also helps hide marks and stains usually visible in light colors. Moreover, as the ceilings are generally painted in white or pastel colors, having a dark-colored wall will contrast the ceiling, giving a spacious and voluminous appeal to the room. Let’s explore a few interior paint ideas with dark colors to create the ambiance that you are seeking for the house.

Give a Dramatic Vibe to the Bathroom with Blue

Blue is the dreamy color to turn any dull space or corner of the house into a soothing and calm wall color. Though dark, the color helps bring some brightness and freshness to the area, especially when accessorized with beautiful wall shelves and a few planters. Blue on your bathroom wall will give it an instant lift to the space along with flair and sophistication.

Add Royalty and Luxury with Timber Hues

Add brown or dense woody color as the dark wall paint, give a warmer tone to your living space, and let it harmonize with the room, providing an elegant, sophisticated look. A rich, intense color that is unique and easy to play around with, citing its warmth yet clean appearance, the royal color imbibed with luxury is perfect for saturating your living space and will act as an instant focal point in the area diminishing the need for excessive accent pieces.

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Serene and Chic, Purple Can Do Wonders

The rich color will instantly uplift your bedroom’s mood and style statement. The color channels tranquility and is reminiscent of all things chic. The sumptuous shade with deep tones complements the entire space like a sparkling jewel that grabs eyeballs every time. A perfect color to add a boost of color to your bedroom, create a perfect ambiance with this comfier and satisfying color.

Gear up the Kitchen Walls with Red

The warm and dark color in the kitchen wall will stimulate the appetite and is a perfect choice for your kitchen walls, which are otherwise plain and dull. Red is a vibrant and versatile color; it will add much-needed pop to the walls. Transform your kitchen by choosing red and cook in a dramatic space, speaking volumes about your style statement.

Cheerful hues and playful patterns introduced via cushions, accessories, and rugs enliven the spaces, but the paint on walls in the interiors adds vital energy to the home. Infuse the spaces with freshness and vigor using dark color paint ideas, prints, and patterns that mimic the brightness outside. We hope that our interior paint color ideas and suggestions will help you decide the shade of your choice and enliven your space more, as these dark paint colors will add the required charm and personality to your home.

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