5 Best Dual Tone Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls – Asian Paints

A hint of colour never fails to uplift one’s mood. That is why, so much importance is put on selecting the right and most appropriate colour combinations for any space. Bright colours instantly add a freshness and lightness to your surrounding, whereas darker tones, if not used well, can immediately dull the interior. The trick therefore is to use two colour combinations for walls and use shades that complement each other. For personal spaces such as the bedroom, this formula is no different. Your bedroom is a space to unwind and relax; it is also the only space in your home that is most YOU. Let’s explore some two colour combinations for bedroom walls that will surely transform your room’s vibe into something memorable.


A very unassuming combo, it is often easy to overlook this simple two colour combination for bedroom walls. When paired with the right soft furnishings and key pieces, this colour combo will make your bedroom feel like it is straight out of a magazine!. If you are going for an elegant look then pick this two colour combination for your room without hesitation.


This rich and dark hue is an effortless two colour combination for bedroom walls. Matching lighter tones of both while choosing your accessories can further elevate the depth of both hues. So, experiment and add in a little more with this two tone bedroom paint for a touch of royalty within your space.


It’s never possible to leave the classic pastels behind. They always make way for moments of harmony and help bring in natural light all around. A smooth and stylish look can easily be created with Asian Paint’s Milk Toffee and White Butter so take your time and think about this beautiful two colour combination for walls.


Announced as the colours of 2021 by Pantone, these warm and casual colours make the best two colour combinations for walls by balancing each other. The yellow significantly brightens the room while the grey controls excessive light to avoid any eye strain. Without any compromise, it’s perfect for anyone seeking a middle ground between dull and bright tones.


A match like no other, light and dark tones of the same colour make a perfect two colour combinations for room. Coupling a single colour with its own new shade gives your bedroom depth while maintaining a sense of uniformity. This simple two colour combination for bedroom walls can be the perfect choice when you are confused about welcoming secondary colours into your homes.

This list has the hues we like together but there are many more two colour combinations for walls to consider! Afterall, your bedroom is your space to unwind, meditate and be by yourself. Picking just any two colour combinations for bedroom walls might be disappointing later on. So, take your time without limiting your searches until you find the very best.

While choosing paints will be a fun process, the painting work itself is definitely not. Not to worry though, you can always explore professional options like Asian Paint’s Safe Painting Services. Going with renowned facilities like these assures a set timeline of work along with other perks like sanitation, safety and access to experts for quick advice.

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